Broadcast Room

For faster AI-driven, automated and intelligent production of live events

Powerfully automated. Perfectly professional.

StreamingBuzz partnered with LiveArena to enable our revolutionary production automation turns every event into a LIVE event.​

We’ve taken broadcast AI and machine learning to the next level, embedding never-before-seen artificial intelligence into the StreamingBuzz Broadcast Room.

The fully automated modern workplace communication suite brings live video to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Yammer and Microsoft Stream.

Your content. Anywhere. Anytime. The StreamingBuzz cloud platform – an add-on to your Microsoft Azure account – provides fool proof management, scheduling and delivery of TV-programming for live and on-demand content. Easily weave together planned live events with archived video-on-demand content to deliver engaging experiences for any audience.

Simple. Secure. Scalable. The cloud platform supports a range of access control features including Azure Active Directory. Gain deeper audience insight through robust channel analytics. Create a branded, personalized experience for every viewer with white-label content portals and mobile apps. You can create unique looks for your brand, for each channel, and more.

Whether you’re looking for streamlined single-camera productions, more sophisticated studio environments, or game-changing AI-driven production tools you can partner with us to procure the gear you need to produce professional quality live events of any size.

StreamingBuzz has the solutions you need to turn every event into a live event

We smoothen your process and improve productivity.

We increase productivity and collaboration among content developers, editors, illustrators, and sales and service representatives by supporting efficient workflows, automated processes, and more complete information with deeper insight.

  • Corporate: from boardroom to trade show floor.
  • Education: broaden your reach to students, alumni around the globe.
  • Public sector: empower communities with the information they crave.
  • Healthcare: Stream surgeries from the OR for educational purposes.
  • But also real-time customer support, cruise ships, hospitality, events, military and government.