Creation: Ultra-low latency

How to deliver to millions with 200 milliseconds latency

We enable ultra-low latency live video for social, podcasts, in-stream video chat, in-show or panel discussions and User Generated Content.

HLS is ideal for Video On Demand purposes. It induces several seconds of latency into live streams due to the chunking nature of the HTTP protocol. WebRTC is ideal for a limited number of concurrent live users. Dynamic transcoding and federated live CDN are big impediments for high volume broadcasts.

StreamingBuzz has partnered with Vydeothe patent-pending platform and SDK for third party apps to video interact with users. It is a unique technology platform for TV Networks, Channels, Sports Clubs and Content Producers to bring abuse-free user interactions into live broadcasts and TV Shows through a mobile app or in-browser at minimal costs. Vydeo’s social TV products include Talk Radio on TV, Field Reporter Broadcasts, Breaking News, Social Video Podcast and Q&A in TV Programs.

Together, we have also enabled an in-play betting platform, where sports betting companies can deliver video and metadata streams synchronously at 200 milliseconds latency to millions of digital users to enable real-time, in-video betting.

We deliver live OTT with the ultra-low latency of 0.2 seconds.

We deliver live OTT to offline (portable) units for local, secured live streaming or other cloud. We deliver live-linear multicast over satellite to the most remote areas.

With DRM and cost-efficient.

By using our patent-pending protocol that “tunnels” video frames over HTTP with sub-second latency.

By using our ground-breaking global real-time live streaming CDN built on top of Virtual Machine architecture, which makes it ideal for low-cost and ultra-low latency broadcasts.

  • Social Video Podcasts
  • Influencers
  • Sport clubs
  • Fan engagement
  • TV Channels
  • News channels
  • Sports Betting Companies