Transistion of Azure Media Service to StreamingBuzz Titan CMS media solution

Transistion of Azure Media Service to StreamingBuzz Titan CMS media solution, AMS stops, StreamingBuzz helps you out

Microsoft has announced it will shut down Azure Media Services on June 30, 2024 and exit the video workflow business. This comes as no surprise since they let go of Azure’s CTO, Hanno Basse, in the first half of last year and started restructuring internally around that time. Various Azure Media Services pages on the Microsoft site had broken links and images as of May of last year and are still broken, having never been fixed or updated.

StreamingBuzz offers a service for a predictable transition from Azure Media Service to the StreamingBuzz Titan environment for metadata, content management, security, multi DRM, Multi Audio, Multi subtitle. This is in line with a predictable transition and the years of experience we have in this field of streaming in all kinds of environments for both Live and On demand.

We leverage your live content media supply chain by our white label in-house developed, smart and intelligent workflows, solutions and products, which work in the cloud (multi-cloud), hybrid and on-premise and are combined with the latest  technology

  1. Ultra-low latency live-linear workflow using our ground-breaking global real-time live streaming CDN built on top of Virtual Machine architecture, which makes it ideal for low-cost and ultra-low latency broadcasts and “tunnels” video frames over HTTP with sub-second latency.
  2. Multi-CDN, multi-cloud live automated workflow, which also supports edge-computing, hybrid and on-premise.
  3. Live download to portable (optional battery-packed) unit with a complete end-to-end offline workflow for offline multi-DRM protected local streaming to own devices (BYOD) in disconnected or extreme remote environments.
  4. Live multicast over satellite. For the delivery of live content everywhere, we have developed a unique and cost-effective distribution via satellite multicast, which can be secured by DRM, and works on any device, in-browser or in native app.