Increase revenue, reduce costs

Besides audience insights there are many other ways we save money or reduce costs for our customers.

For our respected customer Airfi, supplying portable IFE solutions to the airline industry, and first-hand customer of our in-browser BYOD offline multi-DRM solution for inflight offline streaming, we helped their customer KLM save millions on bringing our BYOD inflight offline multi-DRM streaming solutions eco-system into the 16 Boeing 747 aircrafts.

KLM decided the 16 747’s needed to continue their flights, instead of writing them off. However, their existing backseat entertainment system was outdated and hopeless and should have been replaced completely. As a backseat entertainment system with built-in screens is the most expensive part of the aircraft, has the highest maintenance cost and over 90% of all passengers have a smartphone, tablet or laptop in their hand luggage, the math was easy.

Install Airfi’s portable inflight entertainment units and stream DRM protected content to the passengers own devices, without the necessity to download an app. Next to the costs of replacing and maintaining traditional backseat systems, this system is also the most heavy component in the aircraft. So, we are saving KLM a tremendous amount of weight and therefore we help them save on kerosene costs and make the planet a bit of a greener place by reducing CO2

We help our customers to work cost-efficient, save money, whether on streaming, data or egress costs by utilizing the many smart and intelligent solutions in the content area, but also the distribution area (multicast), as well as monetization and even hardware, which StreamingBuzz has developed in the past years with our tens of years in experience in broadcast, streaming and security.

By using the latest and smartest technologies, being existing technologies reinvented and redefined in a 2.0 by leveraging the cloud, new and existing devices, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We optimize all your media operations with our end-to-end workflows, extensive dashboards, CMS, Cloud,  Artificial Intelligence, and Cognitive Services.

We deliver our solutions for any industry, content producer, creator, influencer, media company, Hollywood studio, broadcasters, telco, advertising agency, sport clubs, the gaming industry , as well as airlines, private jets, automotive, railway, yachts, cruise ships, workships, submarines, offshore, oil & gas, military, government, events and many other areas where one is looking for a reduction in costs.